Who is DJ Misbehavior?

DJ misbehaviour.hiptot
10 years ago I was asked by my neighbor to send my daughter (then 22 months old) to her newly formed pre-shcool as they needed more girls to make their ratios even. I had planned on going back to work full time and I adored my neighbor and her twins so the match couldn’t have been better. What does this have to do with a DJ you ask. Low and behold DJ Misbehavior was one of the teachers! Could a pre-school get any cooler?

There are lots of perks to having a super cool DJ teach at your pre-school. You certainly always have the best parties and when it’s grown up time, there is always somewhere to go.

A few years later I opened my store, Still Hip, with a class area in back and Misbehavior offered to teach a DJ class for the kids. The kids got to make up their own DJ names, make business cards and, of course, spin. The names I remember most are DJ CK Swift, DJ Fried Chicken and DJ Bells 8. The kids loved it!

 DJ Bells and DJ CK Swift pictured above at the Still Hip DJ class

I approached Misbehavior about spinning at the Greenwood Park event and she immediately got excited and started to come up with great ideas. We are very excited to have Misbehavior on the wheels of steel and we know you and your tots are going to have a blast!
DJ Misbehavior is one of the main Djs in Central Park, for the world famous roller-skating disco and has spun with greats such as DJ Spinna, Idris Elba, Biz Markee and Evil Dee. Her sound is a combination of disco, funk, dub, reggae and all things that make music great. She was also featured in the documentary ‘NYLON’ for London Weekend Television which looked at British artists based in New York. And now you and your kids will get to groove to her tunes!

Meet DJ Misbehavior at Hip Tot Family Day Sunday, September 29th @ Greenwood Park at noon
555 Seventh Ave | Park Slope Brooklyn