Before Hip Tot, Gabby helped build a pre-school. Brooklyn’s famed Coop School!



When Gabby’s daughter wasn’t even 2 she had a knock on her door. Her downstairs neighbor, a mother of twins, was trying to convince her to send her daughter to the cooperative day care she was forming and they needed more girls. A few weeks later the neighbor was knocking at her door again. This time she begged Gabby to come to a board meeting of this new daycare because if not they wouldn’t have quorum. A few meeting later they wanted to refine their logo. One of the members created a beautiful one but it just needed some updating and a great color scheme. Gabby was recruited! That is how it started. 10 years later there is a waiting list to get into, what is now known as the Coop School, and that awesome logo with the ginko tree can be seen on playgrounds all over brooklyn.

You can see Gabby around 2:29 and her kids are around 4:44

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