Sunday, July 28th | noon | FREE | 555 Seventh Ave, Park Slope

Hip Tot Music Fest has joined the folks at Greenwood Park (555 Seventh Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn) to bring on the fun with a FREE Family Day on the last Sunday of each month through September. The first in the series, sponsored by Plum Organic’s Camp Amazing, will be on Sunday, July 28th at noon. #HipTotGreenwood

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What is this Camp Amazing you speak of? Camp Amazing is the super fantastic road show created by Plum Organics snack company. When you get to Greenwood Park on Sunday, July 28th you will be greeted by the  Plum Organics trailer that has been traveling across the country bringing fun and good nutrition to the whole US. Go over, say hi and grab some free snacks because you are going to need the energy for all that will be going on inside Greenwood Park!



Superhero Flight Class
To bring some fun into nutritious eating, participants build their own Amazing superhero using the pouch twist cap as the main component.  Once complete each creation is launched via a simple spring loaded launch-pad, over one of three successive obstacles; the trees, the lowest and closest level; then hills, the next highest and furthest; lastly and most challenging, the clouds. There will be coloring sheets with crayons for the lil ones in case they don’t want to make a superhero.


Similar to the tilt-a-world game, kids try to get a ball into a hole on what looks like a large plate. Each hole represents a food, sectioned into the four food groups. While holding handles at the bottom of the tilt board, a Camp Counselor drops a ball for the participant to navigate into one of the holes. The parent will receive a recipe for either a dinner, lunch or breakfast after the kid completes the game.


You want more? You got it! Kids and parents can get their photo taken with superhero props – masks, capes and cuffs.  The Kid will also write down their DO AMAZING pledge on a white board and hold it up to take the photo. The photo is taken by scanning a card that has its own bar code and snapping a picture with our iPhone app. Once the photo is taken the consumer can redeem their photo via text or when they get home. Each do good card will be dropped into a White mail box at this station where Plum will count how many pledges they collected for the ending celebration event.

The number of pledges made on tour,
Plum will match up to 20K Smoothie pouches.

Hip Tot resident Author/Illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg will be reading her Brooklyn classic ‘Mermaids on Parade’, while Amelia Robinson of Mil’s Trills, jams out on her ukulele. Local artist Monica Rodriguez will be working crafts with the Plum Organic folks at a Camp Amazing station and everyone will surely have an amazing time!

Hip Tot Family Day @ Greenwood Park | 555 Seventh Ave, Park Slope | #HipTotGreenwood