Hip Tween is Really Here!

hip tween - hip tot
It all started with my daughter’s 10th birthday. She had a sleepover and I totally took the girls by surprise when I moved the dining room table, brought out the boom box, tuned into the cheezy dance station, tuned out the lights and put on my strobe light. From that moment on, I’ve been the coolest mom in middle school. Sort of… Because ever since that day the girls (and their parents too) have been asking me to start a dance party for older kids. Thus the seed for Hip Tween had been planted.

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Over the summer we were approached by a number of DJs wanting to host events with us and we thought, “This is it! We have to do this.” In September  DJ Misbehaviour was featured at our Hip Tot Family Day at Greenwood Park where she led impromptu DJ lessons with some kids celebrating a birthday. We had meetings to discuss the idea and DJ Misbehaviour took the idea full throttle by approaching the club she works at to see if we could actually have the event there. They said YES!!!

The spot is a secret hideaway in the basement of local a local pub, Putnam’s, on Myrtle Avenue in Clinton Hill Brooklyn. The beauty of this spot is that the parents can chill upstairs while the kids have their very own party downstairs. Putnam’s has been gracious enough to offer drink specials to the parents and the kids will get their very own mocktails. Talk about cool!
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One year after my daughter’s dance party sleepover, we are hosting a real dance party and all her friends will have fun celebrating in a real club! The event will be just two hours long but the best part is that the DJs are going to be kids! An hour before doors open DJ Misbehaviour is giving my daughter and 3 of her friends a private DJ lesson! Of course Misbehaviour will be there to help the kids but it will be music they pick and each of the 4 friends will get a chance to spin for at least 20 minutes.

When we go full throttle with Hip Tween Misbehaviour will offer a four week DJ course; three weeks of learning the ins and outs of running a party as well as DJing and the final week will be the Hip Tween party which will be open to the public.

As this first event is a trial the cost of entry is just $8 in advance and $12 at the door and we are not offering the full DJ course. We will however have info about how to sign up for our first session which we are hoping to start in February. You can also ask us about hosting birthday parties in the interim.  And please let us know what your ideas are!

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