Special Thanks to Everyone for Rockin’ out with Audra Rox Sunday!

The February Hip Tot Music Fest was lucky enough to have Audra Rox to get the crowd jumping. The band has such a huge following we had to make two shows… and both concerts were incredible! All we can say is:

Audra Rox ROCKS!!!

hip tot music fest 2014

Our favorite author/illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg did a great job as always reading from her book Down in the Subway. Our friends Carpingo greeted everyone at the door and they even put $75 coupons in all the goodie bags! Plus KidVentures NYC gave free tattoos to lucky concert goers.

We had two little guys share their big day with us. Happy 4th Birthday Hendrix and Happy 3rd Birthday Jayden! They had their birthday parties in the VIP area with KidVentures NYC at the show. These kids really know how to rock a party! Check out Audra Rox singing Happy Birthday:

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Next month we have the ska/reggae sounds of

The Trummytones


Fun, fun, and more fun for everyone!